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Are All Clothing Boutiques Expensive?

Maria Fernanda Urbina

Hello ladies! I wanted to clarify a huge misconception that all clothing boutiques are expensive. There are so many customers that have told us that they had never come in to our store because they thought we were expensive like most boutiques. Obviously, the norm has been that most specialty stores, or boutiques, carry high priced merchandise.  

However, now you're starting to see a growth in the number of specialty boutiques that are NOT expensive and these shops are catering to the price conscious consumer that wants unique products at accessible prices.

At Botticelli, our mission is to find the best available products at awesome prices. That's no easy task guys, trust me. When we go to market to look for our inventory, we have some key basic principles that we adhere to before we order. For one, our products must be of the best quality available for the price and the products must have some unique aspect that makes them different. In addition, we NEVER over order any style. Why? Because we totally understand our customers want to have some level of exclusivity, without having to pay an entire paycheck for that one cute outfit.

So next time you're considering going shopping, get out and explore your local boutiques. Make it an experience! Get your girls together, go grab a bite to eat, and hit your local shops. I bet you'll be very pleasantly surprised.

Thank you for reading and see you soon at Botticelli!

ly surprised.




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